Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion

Inspired by the United Nation's "Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion" Campaign, students share

what diversity means to them here at UB's School of Dental Medicine.

Vrinda Tarneja


Appreciating and celebrating diversity allows us, as dentists, to have a stronger connections with our patients, colleagues, and friends. I love learning about new cultures and experiences from my patients because it allows me to have new perspectives and insights!



Deborah Tirsun


“UB Supports diversity in multiple ways, as evidenced best in our student body. The students at this school are the most diverse group of people that I have encountered throughout my academic career. As a sophomore, I’ve only had limited exposure to patients and clinic thus far, but I can already tell that interacting with my classmates from all different backgrounds will make me a more culturally competent dentist.”

Sarah Shafik


"At UB, it's important that we recognize that culture is not just something patients from other countries have. Culturally competent dentistry involves recognizing that our own ideas and practices, not just our patients', are influenced by culture. Rather than allowing cultural differences to divide us, UB Dental embraces diversity to strengthen and empower us as a community."

Tedman McMahon


"When choosing which dental school to attend I was not alone. My husband was given equal weight in the decision as this would hopefully be our last move before starting a family. We even got a dog, Brooklyn, as training wheels for the real deal. We want our children to feel accepted in their community. This means we need to live in an a community that embraces diversity. The University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine and the City of Buffalo both provide this for our growing family."

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