Buffalo Bills ASDA Tailgate

Announcing the one and only Bills Tailgate! See awesome flyer for details.

We will be posting a sign-up link for tickets (similar to how it was done for the boat cruise) on our website next week. We have 60 tickets to the game this year, and will be selling an additional 25 tailgate-only tickets, which do not include a ticket to the game. 

We will initially reserve 15 spots for each class for the 60 spots w/ game ticket. If these spots aren't claimed, we will then pull people from the waitlist to fill remaining spots regardless of class year. Tailgate-only tickets will not be divided by class, and will be open to everyone right from the start. It will be first-come first-serve when the sign-up is posted. Keep your eyes peeled.

We will be getting two buses to take to the game, which means everyone who buys a ticket (whether tailgate only or not) will have transportation to and from the game.

If you have any questions, please email asdabuffalo@gmail.com





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