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Pediatric Education & Dental Outreach


In April, the UB Pediatric Education Dental Outreach (PEDO) Club had their largest Operation Mouthguard outreach event, providing mouthguards for more than 40 girls for the girls' rugby team at City Honors High School. Since rugby is not an official district team, but a club sport, the team did not have enough funding to meet their equipment needs. The PEDO Club was honored to be able to contribute to their season! This wonderful event was possible with the help of students from D1 through D4 classes under the guidance of Drs. Carrie Wanamaker, Douglas Olson, and Dr. Paul Creighton.

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Mini Give Kids A Smile Day

PEDO Club hosted a Mini Give Kids A Smile Day (MGKAS) as a pre-cursor to Give Kids A Smile Day held in February. Through this event, we were able to build smiles for the Amish community and Syrian refugees. Cleanings, restorations, sealants and extractions were all provided by the dental students and staff at UPD. The PEDO club was lucky to both help and learn from these populations that are unique to the Buffalo community.

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Amish Fluoride Outreach

The PEDO club visited an Amish community south of Buffalo where we talked with the kids about taking care of their teeth. We screened the kids, applied fluoride (courtesy of Colgate), and educated them about the importance of brushing and flossing. 

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