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Original article by Collin Kwasnik, Stony Brook '20

Hey everyone, this is message is coming to you from the Sustainability chapter of ASDA as you’ll be seeing more of us this semester sharing simplified ways that you can do your part to be a responsible citizen and dentist in everyday life and practice! 

Remember that we are responsible not only for maintaining oral health, but the health of our planet! You may think the videos you see about insane pollution or plastic use is distant, but as long as you want to continue to hike incredible forests, scuba dive in abundant oceans, eat all of the foods that you can enjoy today, and travel a world that’s beauty can be is preserved … know that our decisions dictate the future of this!

Think of how many cartons, plastic wrappings, bags, jugs, cans, and boxes you may throw out every week… now multiple that by the 400 students in our school and imagine it all thrown in Farber 144… After one week! Just a small population in Buffalo, NY! Just to put it in perspective of how much we each DO make a difference in reducing that. 

As dentists, we are practicing in one of the highest waste-producing professions due to how many materials are used to ensure infection control and multiple, small scale procedures. Though there aren’t ways around all of these, we do need to be more conscious of our personal lifestyle waste and open to more eco-friendly products or materials for our future practices.

 As we work with UBSDM more, you’ll see the school implementing more ways in which we can get on top of this to make it effortless to be less wasteful!

To start of the year, here’s an eye opening article from this month’s Contour Magazine on a dentist’s eco footprint. Take a look at the average!

-ASDA Sustainability 2019

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