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Self-Care in Dental School

In my book there are two ways students get through dental school; complete panic or to make the most of it. I am writing this post from my favorite hipster coffee shop, enjoying my caramel soy latte and studying for what is known as the hardest exam this semester! It’s almost 2pm, which gives me nearly 44 hours to go through 20 hours of material. This is right about when I could start to panic. Although I am only in my second year of dental school, I learned very quickly that panicking isn’t the best answer. I could have woken up at 7am and got right to the books but instead I decided to take my time and enjoy an unusually warm, sunny day in Buffalo, NY. Long story short, dental school is what you make of it! There is always room to make time for yourself, and excel in school. Whether you are into yoga, binge watching The Office or heading downtown, there is room to have fun! When I first started school it was hard to imagine having anytime for myself. I was ready to abandon all of my hobbies and lock myself in the basement of B30 until the four years was up. I had heard horror stories from upper classmen and new dentists about how impossible dental school was, but the truth is that it’s not impossible, it’s almost fun! Of course there will be long nights and early mornings, twelve hour days and hundreds of preps, but you will still have a life. Make time for yourself! Take a weekend off; visit your family and friends, explore your new city, and most importantly take time to remember why you wanted to come to become a dentist. Dental school will absorb your life, but it won’t take it over. Enjoy it while it lasts, it’s only four years!

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