Sustainable Holiday Gift Ideas

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Looking for sustainable and eco-friendly gifts this holiday season? ASDA Sustainability has plenty of gift ideas for the environmentalist in your life!

❄With the world heading towards ridding of plastic straws, California is working to ban straws in the next few years, glass and stainless-steel straws are the way of the future!

❄ If you or someone you know forgets a reusable bag every time you go shopping, get a funny or cool recycled bag to keep in your car and wherever else you may need it. Instead of using clear plastic bags, purchase a reusable produce bag to bring to Wegmans too!\

❄ If you are looking for a gift that comes from eco-friendly companies, check out this Forbes link that highlights items made from recycled material such as jackets, socks, yoga mats, swimwear, and unique everyday items like a coffee French Press.

❄ For the urban farmer, consider this novel counter-top composter from Amazon.

❄ For a student who packs their lunches everyday: this reusable, reseal-able bag is basically everything-SAFE (dishwasher, microwave, freezer)!



❄ Also in lunch gifts are reusable food wrap, such as Bee’s Wrap that is plastic-free!



❄ For someone who brings a plastic water bottle to class every day, or forgets to pick up a Starbucks before school, we recommend a reusable bottle that is insulated for over 24 hours to preserve hot and cold drinks. It is made with stainless steel and its eco-friendly bamboo exterior prevents sweat. As an added bonus, Welly donates 1$ to clean water projects around the world!



❄ Try some beautiful gift wrap that you can plant later and grow in your yard or house!



Some other ideas for the holiday season are:

❄ For the person that has everything, consider a zero-waste gift. Concert tickets, a camping adventure, cooking classes, a plant, a massage gift certificate, dance lessons, or a IOU card are all unique ideas that

would be just as well appreciated by the receiver!

❄ Gifts childrenwill love include a zoo membership, a kite, or planting a tree together!

❄ You can makea thoughtful and heartfelt gift yourself by writing a poem, story or song about someone, baking a dessert or meal, or crafting artwork.

❄ For your socially-consciousfriend look into local stores to purchase gifts from, an Etsy artist, Ten Thousand Villages Fair Trade Online Store, Grounds for Change Fair Trade Coffee, Tea & Chocolate.

❄ Pay it forward or put your money to helping othersby adopting a whale, wolf, polar bear or puffin! Alternatively, give a family chicks, a goat, pigs, or sheep with the World Vision company.




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